What are they?

Wireless Man Overboard systems (also known as MOB Systems) are a safety solution that sets off an alarm if the system detects a member of the ship’s crew having fallen overboard. These systems can also be used to notify rescue services automatically in the case of commercial vessels or lone sailors. Commercial systems are also designed to monitor the ship’s location in real time, so in the event of of a MOB situation rescue services can be dispatched to the ship’s exact location.

How do they work?

A base station is position centrally on your vessel. Each member of the crew wears a lightweight pendant, either attached to their wrist, life jacket, safety harness or belt. If the wearer goes out of range of the base station an alarm sounds warning the captain and crew as to a possible overboard crew member.

Who should use them?

Anyone who spends time on the water, be it trawlermen, ship crew or leisure sailor. Leisure sailors with a family ensure that all children have MOB pendants attached to their life jackets, even pets that sail with their owners. Some In many case insurance companies offer discounts on their premiums for wireless MOB systems.

Why should you use one?

In a commercial environment ship owners have a duty of care to their employees.

What types are available?

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